Milo Ventimiglia channels Jack Pearson, comes to defense of Crock-Pot

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Spoiler Alert: 'This Is Us' Fans Grieve Jack Pearson's Death

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Milo Ventimiglia wants to make one thing very clear on Wednesday's episode of "The Ellen Degeneres Show": You should not hate on the Crock-Pot.

When the daytime talk show host asked if the Crock-Pot was to blame, the "This Is Us" star was quick to correct her, explaining the device that set the Pearsons' house ablaze was not a Crock-Pot, but a slow cooker.

"I own a Crock-Pot," Ventimiglia said. "I love Crock-Pot."

"Are you trying to protect the reputation of a Crock-Pot?" DeGeneres asked her guest. "Why do you care so much that it's a slow cooker?"

"Because I think there was a lot of misdirected hate at Crock-Pot as opposed to a faulty slow cooker from the past," he explained, adding "Hashtag Crock-Pot's innocent."

Getting into the details of filming the fire scene, Ventimiglia said rescuing his TV family from their burning house was actually frightening.

"... I opened the door, and it's just this wall of fire," he said of the scene where he saves Kate. "It was real fire. It was terrifying."

On a lighter note, the actor shared that Jack isn't going anywhere. "I am still around. Jack is still around," he said. "I mean I've been dead since the beginning, so it's kind of like this is just the story of how I died."

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