WATCH: Woman with Down syndrome who dreams of being TV meteorologist makes debut

Weather forecast (George Doyle / Stockbyte / Getty Images)

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Weather forecast (George Doyle / Stockbyte / Getty Images)

A 21-year-old woman with Down syndrome who dreams of becoming a television meteorologist has made her first on-air appearance.

Mélanie Ségard of France was invited to France 2 last week after launching a social media campaign to make her dream a reality.

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Ségard launched a social media campaign titled “Mélanie Can Do It.” With some help from Unapei, Ségard was able to report the weather on-air for France 2 last Tuesday.

"I'm different, but I want to show everyone I can do a lot of things," she wrote on her Facebook page.

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To prepare for the big moment, Ségard shadowed France 2 meteorologist Anaïs Baydemir.

Last Tuesday, she successfully delivered the weather with confidence.

“It’s a good reminder that people with intellectual disabilities are just as capable of any other person!” Unapei wrote online.

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