Woman who didn't know she was pregnant gets big surprise in grocery store bathroom

Newborn baby (stock photo).
Newborn baby (stock photo).

Credit: Miho Aikawa

Credit: Miho Aikawa

A woman who didn't know she was pregnant left the grocery store with a lot more than just produce.

Ashleigh Miller-Cross gave birth to baby boy Ezra at the Atlantic Superstore in Nova Scotia.

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According to Canadian news outlet CBC, a manager rushed to help Miller-Cross when he heard screams coming from the woman's restroom.

"The baby already proceeded to come, so I grabbed my phone right away, called 911," said store manager Malcolm Comeau.

The store has a medical clinic, so a doctor rushed to help the woman finish delivering the baby. An ambulance later took Miller-Cross and Ezra to a hospital.

“The mother smiled at me when she left, and she had the baby laying on her,” said Comeau.

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Miller-Cross told ABC News she had just welcomed her daughter 10 months earlier and had no idea she was expecting again. She said she had not gained any weight.

Photographer Jen Matchett of Branches Photography reached out to the new mom when she heard the story. In a photo shoot with Ezra, she placed the new baby boy in a grocery store basket.

"My photographer brain was already envisioning the grocery basket shot; it just came to me and I had to make it happen," Matchett told ABC News.

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I was so excited to meet baby Ezra yesterday! He made the news 2 weeks ago when he surprised his mother by making his...

Posted by Branches Photography on Friday, May 12, 2017

According to CBC, the Atlantic Superstore awarded the family a year's worth of free diapers.

“I want to thank everybody who has offered support, everyone who was giving us things,” said Miller-Cross.

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