Partly sunny, warm with chance of showers today

Today will be partly sunny and warm, with a chance of showers throughout the day and a slight chance of thunderstorms in the early afternoon, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington. Highs will be around 76 degrees.

Overnight, the chance of rain will continue, rising after midnight. Showers will be likely after midnight, falling to a chance of rain around dawn on Saturday. There will also be a slight chance of thunderstorms starting soon after dark and falling away around 5 a.m. Lows will be around 57 degrees.

Rain chances will dwindle, though never quite disappear, during the day on Saturday. Skies will be mostly cloudy, and temperatures won’t rise much from overnight, reaching highs around 64 degrees.

Showers will be likely again shortly after sunset on Saturday, and are expected to continue throughout the night. Lows will be around 55 degrees.

On Sunday, the rain will continue, with showers likely both during the day and overnight. Temperatures will again stay chilly, with highs only reaching around 61 degrees before falling to a low around 43 degrees.

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