THROWBACK: ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants whiff on Dave Chappelle 3 years after epic Wright Brothers fail

In celebration of the current reigning champion of “Jeopardy!” having Dayton roots, we thought we’d look back on some not-so-great moments when Dayton was in the game show’s spotlight.

Amy Schneider, an Oakland, California engineering manager, is the reigning 10-time “Jeopardy” champion. Her current winnings total $380,200.

Schneider grew up in Dayton, graduating from Chaminade-Julienne High School where she was active in the drama department. She also appeared in productions with Dayton Playhouse.

This moment in the sun has us grateful that some recent “Jeopardy!” moments are in the past.

In January, contestants went silent when they failed to recognize Dayton’s own Dave Chappelle.

The question was seemingly straightforward. A close-up photo of Chappelle was shown and the “answer” was read “This comedian displayed his drama chops in ‘A Star is Born,’ playing Bradley Cooper’s longtime friend.”

Silence followed the question, then the double “no response” beeper sounded.

The reported on the major fail. In a story headlined “‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Somehow Fail To Recognize Photo Of Dave Chappelle,” wrote that “Jeopardy!’ host Ken Jennings relayed the answer, but that “you (could) almost get a sense that he wanted to be like, “C’mon, dudes! Seriously? It’s Dave Chappelle! What!? OK!

The missed Chappelle question harkens back to another time contestants on the show seriously failed on their Dayton knowledge — almost exactly three years ago from when the episode aired.

On a show that aired on Jan. 30, 2018, contestants received what was also a seemingly easy question about the Wright Brothers.

The answer is: “Named for the famous brothers and a WWI-era pilot, Wright-Patterson AFB is just east of this Ohio aviation city.”

Contestants at least made attempts at this question, giving the answers “Kitty Hawk,” “Columbus,” and “Akron.”

Hosting the 2018 episode was longtime host Alex Trebek who died at the age of 80 on Nov. 8, 2020. Following the failed Wright Brothers question, to which of course the answer was “Dayton, Ohio,” Trebek folded his hands together as if to say a prayer.

The “Dave Chappelle” question was worth $2,000, while the “Dayton” question was a mere $200 first-round question.

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