Black Rock Bar & Grill in Beavercreek sizzles and satisfies

Credit: Photo by Alexis Larsen

Credit: Photo by Alexis Larsen

Smoky, tender, grilled meats of any kind are a quintessential Fourth of July dish.

The National Retail Federation is estimating that 84% of Americans will do something to celebrate Independence Day this year with 61% saying they are planning some sort of cookout.

Black Rock Bar & Grill is a destination for those who wish to have the grilling delivered to them on a plate.

The restaurant in front of the Mall at Fairfield Commons in Beavercreek has been in operation for a little more than two years now.

The Black Rock chain has 16 locations. Nine are located in Michigan, four in Florida, one in Maryland and two in Ohio —one in Toledo and the other in Beavercreek.

Most of the menu consists of proteins brought out alongside a piping hot 755-degree volcanic rock slab, allowing diners to cook their entrees to their liking.

Some hungry diners believe eating out means you shouldn’t have to cook your own food. Others are open to a new experience with food.

If you’re squarely in the camp of those who feel they shouldn’t have to cook something yourself, Black Rock Bar & Grill is not the restaurant destination for you. But if you occasionally like to be a little more active and engaged with your meal, this is a destination worth considering. The portions are huge, the prices aren’t cheap, but they’re not hateful, and there is plenty to occupy your attention.

On one of our recent visits, a friend said the restaurant looked like it was designed by the brothers from the movie “Night at the Roxbury.” If you don’t get the reference, it feels like a ’90s dance club with TVs for days and not much decor or personality. Pair that vibe with tables and tables of customers cooking meat with copious amounts of smoke that turn the overhead can lights into fog lights and you’re getting the picture.

A huge bar anchoring the middle of the space serves up a full cocktail menu as well as great craft draft beers and select wines. The seating is comfortable, but be warned, the floors are slick.

Credit: Black Rock Bar & Grill- Toledo

Credit: Black Rock Bar & Grill- Toledo

On multiple visits Black Rock was packed to the gills with a wait out the door — apparently people like cooking their own food when dining out. They have spaces to seat larger groups and birthday celebrations, with girls night out and date nights observed each time. There’s lots of room for comfortable socially distanced dining.

Each visit had carts regularly whizzing by with hot 755-degree stones delivering sizzling satisfaction to hungry diners. Entrees range from the top-billed Certified Angus Beef steaks to ribs, sirloin, sausage, jumbo sea scallops, shrimp and Ahi tuna steaks. Entrees range in price from $16.99 for the 6-ounce sirloin on the low end to $31.99 for ribeye or New York strip or $33.99 for the 8 -ounce filet.

Currently they are running a “Sea Wars” promotion for $29.99 featuring four jumbo sea scallops paired with the restaurant’s signature bubbling shrimp or Shrimpalicious ($28.99) featuring six jumbo shrimp paired with signature bubbling shrimp.

Grilling add-ons include Maine lobster tail ($11.99), half slab of ribs ($9.99) Ahi tuna steak ($8.99) two sea scallops ($8.99), three jumbo shrimp ($7.99) or Andouille sausage or Kielbasa ($5.99). One entree with an add-on is plenty to split. It’s a lot of food.

Seafood can be very finicky and unforgiving. If you are a meat eater it’s much harder to mess up tableside grilling with red meat. My suggestion would be to wait for a professional kitchen to cook seafood for you, and go the red meat route at Black Rock. If you are feeling confident ask for extra lemons to help aid in the cooking process.

Credit: Alexis Larsen

Credit: Alexis Larsen

Regardless of your order, be sure to add a side of sizzling Burgundy mushrooms ($5.99). They were delicious.

Each entree comes with two sides. Choose from a house salad, coleslaw, clam chowder, house-made chili, mashed potatoes, baked potato, sweet baked potato, French fries, sweet potato fries, green beans, asparagus, creamed corn, mac and cheese or rice. Premium sides can be ordered for an additional charge including truffle fries ($2.50 and our favorite of the sides), onion rings ($2.99) or a loaded potato ($1.99).

While most of the sides are fairly mediocre, the meat is where it’s at, but watch it carefully or it could burn. A little caramelization is a good thing, but a stone that hot can ruin meat pretty quickly.

My husband wondered out loud after several visits, “I wonder how many people get burned here?”

Valid question. We did emerge unscathed, but be warned — that stone they wheel out is every bit as hot as they bill it.

Lest you think that all dishes involve putting you to work, there is a full list of sandwiches, burgers, soups, salads and entrees that can all be cooked to order and served hot from the kitchen without requiring your attention or careful eye.

The M.O.A.S. — “The Mother of All Sandwiches” — is a trademarked sandwich made with tender stead sauteed with onions and mushrooms, smothered in nacho cheese, stuffed in a tortilla and fried.

A lovely lemon-infused clam chowder ($3.99 for a regular or $6.49 for a monster) is a nice option to pair with a salad if you don’t want anything too heavy. The carrots, celery, onion, potato, corn, and chunky bits of clam in a flavorful light cream broth are a good value for flavor and portion.

As for the desserts ... You. Will. Need. Insulin. Just as the portions are oversized, these desserts are non-stop sugar-on-sugar action.

Credit: Alexis Larsen

Credit: Alexis Larsen

Whatever you order, be prepared to wash your clothes as you’ll smell like you’ve been in a kitchen all day with the amount of grilling happening in your vicinity. It’s the price that must be paid for entry to this grill fest.

In a world where we continually are drawn to our phones, where dinners have become more silent and disconnected, this type of experiential dining gives families and couples something to discuss and bond over. People definitely seemed more engaged over their meals.

In the true American super-sized way that we love to eat, Black Rock delivers with one part Hibachi grill and one-part Texas steak house. Prepare to get all your grilling dreams out of your system and show up hungry.


What: Black Rock Bar & Grill

Where: 2745 Fairfield Commons Blvd., Beavercreek

More info: or (937) 988-0026

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