Alec Snead and Noah Fogg: New friendship leads to debut duo album



When Alec Snead and Noah Fogg met, they connected over shared musical tastes. Despite different working methods, the musicians crafted a killer debut album, “Telegraphic,” getting its release at Saturday Studio in Dayton on Saturday, Nov. 11.

The Dayton folk-rock duo will be backed by percussionist Evan Miller. The gallery will also host a pop-up exhibition featuring art by Sarah Shanks.

Snead and Fogg sat down recently at the Trolley Stop to discuss “Telegraphic.”

Snead: “It’s been a long journey. We started getting together periodically to write stuff in 2016. We were finishing songs that each of us had started or had an idea for.”

Fogg: “Alec brought a bunch of choruses.”

Snead: “It was a fun way to write. As it came together, we realized we had enough material with a coherent enough sound to put an album together. It took a while because we only got together once every month or two. We took our time and enjoyed the process.”

Check out “Telegraphic,” the title track from the debut album from the Dayton duo Alec Snead & Noah Fogg:

Fogg: “Hearing his lyrics and the way Alec wrote a song was exciting to me. He took it very seriously, but it was also lighthearted at times and playful. I was straight up writing songs about alcoholism. He has this ability to inject fun into his storytelling and I had been taking myself so seriously. To see somebody playing with story, playing with lyrics, was really inspiring.”

Snead: “One of the very cool things about the record is our songwriting approaches are really different. Noah’s creative output is crazy. He’d come to the table with 10 verses written for a song and they all worked. Then he’d carve it up and put it back together. I’d never written that way. It was the same with the recording process. We’d record a lot of different things and see what worked. I really enjoyed that approach. Then, Noah took everything we’d done foundationally to his friend Michael Rabb in Seattle and they created what the album actually is.”

Fogg: “Michael did an amazing job. We worked together on a batch of EPs I released around the time Alec and I first met. I knew I wanted to take this to him because he could take it up a notch from where we were. A friend of his, Aaron McMullen, played drums on the whole record in one day. We did tons of layering.”

Snead: “Hearing the finished version was amazing. It’s a weird sensation having something you wrote sound so different, like listening to somebody else’s record, but it was cool to experience that.”

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Who: Alec Snead & Noah Fogg

Where: Saturday Studio, 116 N. Jefferson St., Dayton

When: 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 11

Cost: $5

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