The Elderly Brothers: Harmony-driven Americana cover band performs in Kettering Saturday



If you’re in the Elderly Brothers, performing at Katz Lounge in Kettering on Saturday, May 20, you’re in for life.

The harmony-driven Americana cover band has taken many forms since it was founded in Dayton by Don Snapp and the late Geoff Miller in 2002. The current version features Snapp (vocals, guitar, mandolin, percussion), John Clarke (vocals, guitar, banjo, harmonica), Peter Bradstreet (vocals, keyboards), Michael Keating (vocals, pedal steel guitar), John Barlow (vocals, guitar), Jim Foreman (vocals, bass) and Gary Marcum (vocals, drums, percussion).

The musicians recently reflected at SRS Rehearsal Stage to discuss the band in advance of its second post-COVID performance.

Clarke: “Don and Geoff decided they were going to start gigging so I came in fairly soon. Then Jim was right after me. We were playing regularly at the Trolley Stop then.”

Snapp: “It was called Elderly Brothers going back to when it was just Geoff and I playing in the kitchen. We were only like 43 years old. We weren’t that old, but we got stuck with it. It was a joke at first.”

Foreman: “We tried to change the name to the Prairie Underground and Driving Wheel. We made posters but nothing worked. It was too late. People knew us as the Elderly Brothers, and we weren’t heavy enough marketers to make that change.”

Clarke: “One thing that’s unique is we don’t have a lead singer. Don sings lead and so do I. Jim sings and Gary sings, too. We also do a lot of harmonies, which you don’t see a lot around town.”

Watch the Elderly Brothers live on stage at SRS Rehearsal Stage in Dayton:

Keating: “Everybody in the group except for Don, John and John has left at some time to be with other groups. We’ve all come back.”

Bradstreet: “I quit all the time.”

Barlow: “I joined in early 2009. I didn’t know any of these guys, but I fit right in the first time I came down here. I really liked everybody.”

Snapp: “We got Gary in on drums in 2008. He was our second drummer, but he wasn’t with us long.”

Marcum: “Yeah, I was in the band for about a year. I left kind of prematurely, so I was happy to come back last year.”

Foreman: “I left the band in 2011 but I was ready to come back when they asked me last year. This band wouldn’t survive finding new people. We needed to go back to our former personnel.”

Marcum: “I’m glad we’re getting in front of people again. I needed to revisit this because I had unfinished business with these guys.”

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Who: The Elderly Brothers

Where: Katz Lounge, 1221 E. Stroop Road, Kettering

When: 8 p.m. Saturday, May 20

Cost: $5

More info: 937-294-9554

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