Founder of Hot Head, Rapid Fired unveils new chicken restaurant concept

Wiley’s Wings Tenders Fries to open on Brandt Pike in Huber Heights

One thing is clear: Ray Wiley does not shy away from competition.

The restaurant entrepreneur launched the Hot Head Burritos restaurant concept in 2007, just as Chipotle Mexican Grill was expanding nationwide. Then in 2015, Wiley founded Rapid Fired Pizza in a Dayton-area market already saturated with pizza options. Both launches were successful despite the stiff competition, and both of Wiley’s restaurant-brand concepts expanded swiftly in Ohio and to other states around the country.

Now, Wiley is back with another new restaurant concept and brand called “Wiley’s Wings Tenders Fries,” and he is planning to open his first location at 6315 Brandt Pike (State Route 201) in Huber Heights by the end of the year, Wiley confirmed to this news outlet.

A “coming-soon” flier was mailed to some Huber Heights residents earlier this week teasing the new chicken restaurant, but not disclosing its location. Wiley confirmed the restaurant is coming to the Brandt Pike address, which currently houses a Rapid Fired Pizza restaurant, and building-permit applications have been filed to pave the way for renovation of the current Rapid Fired space. Those renovation plans call for adding a drive-through window to the restaurant, the concept’s founder said.

The new Wiley’s Wings Tenders Fries restaurant could open as soon as mid-December, Wiley said.

Wiley’s co-founders of the new concept include Kelly Gray, Tim Teffs, Ryan Cancino and Peter Wiley.



The new eatery will have a relatively limited menu that in addition to its core items of, yes, wings, tenders and fries, will include cole slaw and Texas toast. The sauce choices, however, will be abundant.

“I don’t know the final number, but I think we’re up to 18 or 20” sauces, said Wiley, whose Hot Head Burritos chain places a great emphasis on sauce choices.

The restaurant’s slogan, on its web site and on the flier mailed to Huber Heights residents, is, “Try them naked or sauced. We won’t judge.”

Wiley said he has always been a big fan of fried chicken wings, but didn’t like the long wait required at many wings-centric restaurants. “We’ve figured out a way to produce really good wings in a much shorter time,” the restaurant entrepreneur said.

There is, of course, no shortage of fried chicken restaurant choices available throughout the Miami Valley. And in Huber Heights, a Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers restaurant opened earlier this year on the city’s other main north-south artery, Old Troy Pike (State Route 202). The competition doesn’t worry Wiley a bit.

“Our Hot Head location in Huber Heights has done very well for us, and it’s near a Chipotle,” the restaurant entrepreneur said.

If the concept is successful, expect to see more Wiley’s Wings Tenders Fries coming to other locations across the region, and perhaps beyond, Wiley said.

Hot Head Burritos operates 70 locations in eight states. Rapid Fired Pizza has 35 stores open in five states.

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