Live out your worst nightmare on Valley Street

Lance Compton has been around haunts his entire life. His mother worked at haunts and enjoyed a friendship with Dayton’s own Dr. Creep. In 2002, Compton decided to start a haunt of his own, backed by his experience as an actor, carpenter, electrician, and machine repair professional.

“(That experience) helps with the animatronics,” Compton said, noting that the Dayton Scream Park consumes four months of his life every year.

The Attractions

There are four attractions at the Dayton Scream Park. They are:

Nightmare on Valley St.: The general theme for this trail is a Third World shantytown, filled with monster-infested huts. The individual scenes are designed by the actors themselves. One actor does a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”-style scene that involves $40,000 worth of props.

Rat Trap: This is a large maze that patrons have to negotiate. Not only do they have to find their way out, but there are also 20 individual scenes within the maze to walk through.

Hollywood: A classic, old-school haunt that features all of your favorite Hollywood slashers, including Jason, Michael Myers, and others.

VIP: The VIP option is a fast pass to the three attractions above but also admission to the fourth attraction. Compton describes it as an “unlit, find-your-way-through” fright populated by zombies, vampires, werewolves, and the like.

Why Go?

“The guy who does the Texas scene has won several awards,” Compton said. “All of our actors are 100 percent volunteer, not like some places where people do it for $25 a night, and I’ve had people doing this for 10 years.”

Scare Level

Compton recommends that small children and pregnant women not go through any of the haunts. “Of course, some people do bring kids,” he said. “Some love it, and some don’t.”

Best Time to Go?

“The earlier the better,” Compton said. “Friday nights used to be slower, but with COVID and people wanting to get out, that might change. We get busier in October.”

Places to Eat Nearby

Mostly fast-food places such as McDonald’s and KFC.

COVID Restrictions?

All haunts take place outside, so masks are recommended but not required. Hand-sanitizing stations will be found at the ticket booth, the concession stand, and the restrooms. Lines will be socially distanced.

How to Go

What: Dayton Scream Park

Where: 5117 Valley St., Dayton

When: Sept. 11-Oct. 31, 8 p.m.-midnight

Cost: $20 (regular admission), $40 (VIP)

More Info: 937-397-2273 or

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