Local coffee shop celebrates 48 years in business with special deals this Sunday

Boston Stoker is throwing a Christmas Even Golden Ticket Giveaway.
Boston Stoker is throwing a Christmas Even Golden Ticket Giveaway.

Credit: Dave Obenour

Credit: Dave Obenour

Boston Stoker is gearing up for its 48th anniversary in business with a special one-day-only sale on Sunday, Sept. 13.

The locally owned business founded by Don and Sally Dean as a pipe and tobacco shop in Englewood, Ohio, in 1973 will be offering $5 off all 12-ounce bags of coffee, $1 off of all beverages and a deal to buy three, get one free for cigars.

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The story of how the Deans went from a focus on tobacco to coffee is an interesting one. As a way to build their customer base after opening, they started offering specialty brewed coffee to customers and demand quickly grew with customers requesting to buy the beans to take home and brew themselves.

Boston Stoker coffee shop
Boston Stoker coffee shop

They were pioneers in specialty coffee before there was the demand there is now. They purchased their first roaster in 1983 and a larger roaster was quickly needed. In 1986, they became one of just 80 charger members of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, which now boasts membership in the tens of thousands.

Since then six new Boston Stoker locations opened as well as a dedicated office and roasting facility in Vandalia. The company now roasts 150,000 pounds of beans in a year in small batches.

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Here are just a few reasons we love Boston Stoker:

They have coffee subscriptions.

Choose from Roaster’s Choice, Premium Espresso, or Highlander Grogg and an every week, every two weeks, or every 4 weeks schedule.

If you choose Roaster’s Choice, you’ll receive a new premium, single origin coffee on your schedule of our staff’s choice. It’s a great way to try a variety of coffees.

Boston Stoker is family-owned and operated by the Dean family. CONTRIBUTED
Boston Stoker is family-owned and operated by the Dean family. CONTRIBUTED

You don’t have to leave the house.

You can buy really great stuff like merchandise, syrups, snacks, brewing tools, tea and coffee right off of their website. They also offer fast, safe local pickup and delivery options within an hour from six locations in Dayton and Columbus.

Get your Joe-2-Go, hot and cold coffee drinks, blended drinks, muffins, pastries without stepping a foot out the door. Select the location closest to you and click the buttons to place your pickup or delivery order. They offer easy and free, pay-ahead online ordering for pickup directly from most locations. They also offer delivery with Doordash, as well as Uber Eats or Grubhub from most locations.

They have a full menu.

From their brews to their espressos to their iced and blended drinks, they have you covered when it comes to liquid.

The flavors.

From their Chai to their delicious Milky Way to the Americano to their choices in espressos that bring the caffeine, this is a coffee shop that is never short on flavor.

Their history.

Celebrating 48 years in business is quite an achievement. For this celebration, a cup of coffee is in order.

Visit https://bostonstoker.com for locations, to order and to learn more.

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