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Drums Alive Golden Beats classes combine fitness and fun - CONTRIBUTED
Drums Alive Golden Beats classes combine fitness and fun - CONTRIBUTED

Golden Beats classes combine fun and fitness

From hip hop to Celtic and classic rock to classical masterpieces, the music drives the movement in Drums Alive classes.

“It’s a cardio fitness workout program that utilizes stability balls, drumsticks, maracas, weights and, even, pool noodles to create a full workout – whole brain-whole body,” Drums Alive master trainer Dorie Phillips said. “It’s all about having fun. You don’t even realize you’re working out.”

Drums Alive has a wide range of programs for all ages and ability levels – from infants to seniors. Phillips teaches a variety of classes in the Dayton area including a Drums Alive Golden Beats class, designed specifically for seniors, which is currently being held in-person at the Kettering Recreation Center with a spring session slated to begin in April.

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Good for the body

“If you are moderately healthy and feel comfortable coming in and exercising in a group setting, this is a wonderful class,” said Jennifer Giessler, senior & adult program supervisor for the City of Kettering Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Department. “Keeping your fitness level up is so important.”

Phillips couldn’t agree more.

“Working out improves and strengthens the immune system,” she said. “Drums Alive also helps with dexterity and incorporates strength training, which benefits both large muscle groups.”

Whether participants are standing or sitting, Golden Beats classes can be modified to adapt to various workout levels, making it accessible to everyone. Phillips has had seniors well into the 90s participate in her classes.

“There are some very fit seniors out there and that inspires me,” she said. “But I do a constant assessment and everything is modified to the individual.”

Drums Alive Golden Beats classes provide a whole brain-whole body workout. CONTRIBUTED
Drums Alive Golden Beats classes provide a whole brain-whole body workout. CONTRIBUTED

Good for the mind

Golden Beats classes are good for the brain as well as the body.

Research has shown that drumming produces changes in the central nervous system and has been found to improve and increase the neurological connection between the brain hemispheres. Drumming can have a positive impact on individuals with a variety of conditions including attention deficit disorder and Parkinson’s disease.

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The fun of banging it out like a rock star is based on science as drumming can induce a natural high by increasing alpha brain waves, a change that can also help you feel more calm and relaxed. Neuroscientists have also made the correlation between an increase in alpha brain waves and a reduction of depressive symptoms.

The social and emotional impact of the class is also important.

“We’ve had great friendships come out of the class,” Phillips said.

And boredom is not an issue in Drums Alive classes. From folk music to motion picture soundtracks, the music varies greatly, as do the routines.

“This is not a cookie-cutter class,” Phillips said. “No two classes are the same but they are all fun.”

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