5 stark numbers that show the racial divide in Dayton and Montgomery County

Credit: Jordan Laird


Credit: Jordan Laird

Black people in the Dayton region fare worse on many measures of health, economics and education than their white neighbors and compared to communities across the country.

Here are five numbers that show it.

$20,000: More in median household income white residents earn than Black residents in Montgomery, Greene and Miami counties.

65.5: Average life expectancy, in years, of Black men in Montgomery County. In comparison, white men typically live 71.6 years and white women 78 years.

35.6%: Home ownership rate among minorities in Dayton, compared to 57.2% of white residents.

30.8%: Percentage of Black residents in Montgomery County in poverty from 2015-19, compared to 12.1% of white residents.

23: Dayton’s rank among most segregated of the 90 largest metro areas in the U.S. with a Black population of at least 3%.

You can read more about why these inequities persist on DaytonDailyNews.com. Over the next several months, Dayton Daily News reporters will dig into the why racist policies and programs persist in our region and examine solutions.

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