Asian bakery open near Wright State: ‘In this area there’s no bakery like ours’

Leaguer Bakery, located at 2628A Colonel Glenn Highway in Fairborn, is an Asian-style bakery featuring traditional Taiwanese pastries and more.

Owner Yi-Chuan “Julie” Kao told she opened the bakery in May. She moved to the Dayton area six years ago. She said some pastries in America are too sweet. Asian-style baked goods are healthier and uses less sugar and butter.

Credit: Natalie Jones

Credit: Natalie Jones

Kao is from Taiwan and previously owned a candy factory. The skills she acquired from making candy and over 20 years of cooking classes have prepared her to make a variety of Asian-style baked goods.

Leaguer Bakery offers creamy coconut buns, creamy melon buns, lemon custard buns, chocolate screw rolls, cake, Russian bread, garlic bread, pork floss buns, curry chicken buns and a variety of baos, among other items.

The baked goods are made fresh daily and use a variety of high-quality ingredients, Kao said.

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She told that her love for baking started at a young age despite not knowing how to cook. She recalled a bakery being next door to her family’s pharmacy in Taiwan. She said the bakery always smelled really good.

Growing up Kao practiced piano. She said her mother didn’t want her to hurt her fingers, so she never really learned how to cook. She explained that it wasn’t until after she got married that she went to a private school and learned how to cook everything.

Credit: Natalie Jones

Credit: Natalie Jones

Kao said she is excited to show off her techniques by providing the community with unique pastries.

“In this area there’s no bakery like ours,” Kao said. “We can promote our culture.”

Leaguer Bakery joins Kung Fu Tea, a bubble tea franchise from Taiwan based in New York, in the shopping center that houses Texas Roadhouse, First Watch and Bob Evans.

For more information about Leaguer Bakery, visit the shop’s Facebook page.

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