BEST OF DAYTON: When can I start voting?

It’s one week until Best of Dayton voting begins!

We’re going through your tens of thousands of nominations to choose the finalists in each of our 100 contests, and voting will debut on Monday at and The voting period will last for three weeks, through Monday, Nov. 8.

We’ll give you multiple finalists in each contest, and you pick your vote. You’ll be able to vote once per day per contest, and we want to hear from you often so we know the community’s favorites.

And which were your favorites during nominations? Here are the Top 20 in number of nominations:

1. Best Pizza Restaurant

2. Best Burger

3. Best Bakery

4. Best Donuts

5. Best Local Celebrity

6. Friendliest Restaurant/Bar Staff

7. Best Hair Salon

8. Best Local Band or Musician

9. Best Breakfast

10. Best Bartender

11. Best Local Photographer

12. Best Food Truck

13. Best Mexican Food

14. Best Local Brewery

15. Best Square-Cut Pizza

16. Best Wings

17. Best Ice Cream

18. Best Hidden Gem Restaurant

19. Best Fine Dining

20. Best Italian Restaurant

The timeline

» Voting: Oct. 18-Nov. 8

» Winners announced: Sunday, Dec. 12

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