Chicka Wing closes Huber Heights location

Chicka Wing, a fast-casual chicken restaurant that opened its doors in Huber Heights at the end of May, has closed.

“First & foremost, we want to thank everyone so much for supporting us as a small local business,” a Sept. 18 post on Chicka Wing’s Facebook page said. “We have tried our hardest to work with the consistent increase of, well, everything & it’s an uphill battle we can’t seem to win. Unfortunately, we’ve decided to close our doors.”

Credit: Sharon Wilmore

Credit: Sharon Wilmore

Adam Price, the founder of Chicka Wing, told the restaurant was closed Sept. 17 and 18 due to electrical issues with the hood and ventilation system. He said after he couldn’t find someone to fix the issues, he decided to call it quits.

“We were already in negotiation with the landlord - letting him know that we were closing down by the end of the month anyway,” Price said.

The leftover food was donated to the Springfield Soup Kitchen, he said.

Price, a Dayton transplant from Alabama, first opened Chicka Wing in Springfield on S. Limestone Street in March. He closed that location in May due to increase in costs and inconsistent foot traffic. The number of new customers were lower than originally planned and combined with inflationary prices regarding fresh chicken, Price decided to cut his losses in Springfield.

He said the costs of products are continuing to go up in addition to the increase in costs of utilities in Huber Heights.

Price explained a case of 80 potatoes cost $23 when he first opened in Springfield and now that same case is $78. Similarly, a case of chicken wings and a case of chicken tenders respectfully priced at $67 and $87 now total $120 and $180 respectfully.

He previously said he was looking forward to focusing on the Huber Heights location on Brandt Pike because he was able to offer customers a drive-thru, which was not the case in Springfield. The goal was to eventually expand the business and potentially return to Springfield.

Price explained the drive thru ended up being 90 percent of their business.

“I just want customers to know we appreciate them throughout the whole process of this,” said Price. “They’ve been very loyal, and they’ve been very helpful along the way. I’m sorry we couldn’t keep it going for them. We will be back eventually.”

He hopes to open a new Chicka Wing restaurant in the future.

“I enjoyed our customers,” Price said. “Every day was very joyful for us.”

Chicka Wing’s menu featured several combo options, including choices of “chicka fingers” and wings, available bone-in or bone-out. Familiar chicken restaurant sides like Texas toast and french fries were also on the menu.

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