Dayton-based musician Justin Cost explores human side of pop music



Recording songs digitally and polishing them to 100 percent perfection is easier than ever today but the results can be soulless. Justin Cost wisely took a looser, more organic approach to “Volume 7,” his new collection of electro-pop nuggets.

The Dayton-based musician, songwriter and producer recently discussed “Volume 7.”

No bots here: “I like leaving in a human error. My music has always been that way. I just let each song be what it is. I’m sending a message to the pop community that I’m fed up with the perfection. I want there to be some realism in art like there has been for thousands of years. I’m tweaking them to make sure everything is audible but it’s not like you’re listening to a robot. People enjoy it more when it feels natural.”

Check out “Do What You Do” from Justin Cost’s new album, “Volume 7.”

Putting on the hits: “I’ve always wanted to do this kind of album. I’m a huge fan of Prince, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Elvis and the Beatles. I’ve loved pop music my whole life, maybe more than rock at times. I wanted this one to shine and I really think it does.”

Finding sweet inspiration: “I’m always going back and finishing things up from five years ago. I struggle with writing lyrics, so I record the songs and let them sit until they feel right. Waiting until I understand what the song is really supposed to be about has worked out well. I go through these things and it’s like divine intervention. They all start to fall into place. It’s like the song writes itself. It’s like magic.”

Check out “Thankful For You” from Justin Cost’s new album, “Volume 7.”

Future recording plans: “The sound of ‘Volume 7’ is where we’re heading. It’s poppy and I want to keep it that way but I’m going to get back into more real instruments for these next albums. I want to keep that electronic, spacey vibe for ‘Volume 8’ but make it more rock because that’s my true calling. I’m just going to keep making music. My goal is to get one album out a year until the day I die.”

Pumping out content: During the pandemic, the Dublin, Ohio native launched “The Justin Cost Podcast,” which is in its third season. In 2021, Cost released a collection of collaborations with students from the International College of Broadcasting. The father of two is working on future solo releases while also collaborating on several projects, including a children’s album with his 11-year-old son Wyatt.

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