Dayton food truck features deep fried mashed potatoes, waffle bun sandwiches

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

Darke County natives Matt and Kendra Godown, owners of Godown’s Fixins, are excited to enter their third food truck season in the Dayton area.

The couple started Godown’s Fixins in fall 2020 because of Matt’s love for cooking.

“It’s always been kind of like a dream of mine because growing up my mom did a lot of catering and I always helped her,” Matt said.

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

He explained his mom, Linda, was his inspiration to start the food truck. Growing up he recalled her making “garbage truck specials,” described as a dish from whatever leftovers they had and what was available in the cabinets.

“It’s very special that we can (do this) because she was the one that inspired him,” Kendra said.

Godown’s Fixins features 10 different savory waffle bun sandwiches and deep fried mashed potatoes. Matt explained they start with his mom’s cheesy garlic mashed potato recipe which is turned into a deep fried specialty.

“We always knew the deep fried mashed potatoes were going to be a staple, but we just needed to figure out what the sandwich part of it was going to be,” Kendra said.

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

Best sellers include the “Kacky” sandwich, featuring a lightly breaded chicken with bourbon maple syrup and bacon on a waffle bun, and the aforementioned mashed potatoes. Kendra explained customers can have the mashed potatoes with basil pesto, siracha aioli or loaded with melted cheese, sour cream, bacon and chives.

The couple plans to have a monthly sandwich special this season with a variety of choices ranging from a pizza burger to a falafel. They are sporting a new and larger food trailer as well.

They also noted their goal for the food truck is for it to “be a blessing to people.”

Godown’s Fixins features a prayer box for its patrons. At the end of each shift, the couple will pray over the requests, they explained.

“Some of them can really break your heart,” Kendra said. “We’ve had a couple prayer requests that came in that we were able to follow up (about) with that person and just let them know we prayed with them. That’s honestly been such a blessing for us to be able to share in people’s lives and just let them know that we care and that Christ cares for them.”

She said they saw the idea at a restaurant in Gatlinburg prior to starting the food truck and knew they had to incorporate it in some way.

The couple is looking forward to meeting new customers and fellow food truck operators.

Godown’s Fixins’ first event of the season is April 5 at Southern Ohio Brewing in Beavercreek. For more information, visit the food truck’s Facebook page.

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