Father’s Day: Tell us your favorite memory with your dad

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

Father’s Day is right around the corner and now is the time for reflection.

Dayton.com and the Dayton Daily News would love to hear stories of all the great times you’ve had with your dad or what you appreciate the most about him. Your response may be featured in our Father’s Day tribute on Sunday, June 18.

Melissa Fields of West Carrollton and her dad, George W. Schram, bond over a love for food. After Schram moved back to Ohio in 2020, she started taking him to Taco Tuesday each week but soon became tired of Mexican food.

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

“I told my dad I’m not going to Taco Tuesday, but I will take you somewhere else,” Fields said. “I decided I wanted to try some of the places on Dayton Foodies.”

Dayton Foodies is a Facebook page where people write their own reviews of restaurants in the Dayton area and ask for restaurant recommendations. Fields began posting pictures of her adventures with her dad, whom she often labels “Mr. Grumpy” or “Mr. Complainer,” to the page.

He’s a tough guy to impress, but some of his favorite restaurants include Bullwinkle’s Top Hat Bistro in Miamisburg, Bennett’s Publical Family Sports Bar in Miamisburg or Sea Jax Tavern in Kettering.

Schram, 88, is a Dayton native and Korean War veteran. After the war, he worked as a printer at McCall’s until they shut down.

“I appreciate his work ethic,” Fields said. “He could have been like everybody else. When McCall’s shut down a lot of people just said ‘Well, there’s no work let’s get unemployment,’ and he said, ‘No I’m going to Georgia and finding work.’”

Schram lived in Georgia for over 30 years where he worked as a printer before retiring. He had several favorite dining spots including small diners with southern cooking, Fields said.

She recalled visiting him in Georgia and always remembered going out to eat. She said there was a certain restaurant he would go to each night.

“He loves to eat out. That’s the thing with him,” Fields said. “Everybody knew him, so up here was a change.”

Even though Schram enjoyed the company of friends while dining out in Georgia, he did eat by himself sometimes. Fields said she is happy to be able to try new restaurants with him and share their love of food in the Dayton area.

“(He has) always been a foodie,” Fields said. “He loves food. He loves eating out. He loves the interaction with the workers or the people that go with him.”

Dayton.com is planning to share a meal with Fields and Schram in a forthcoming story prior to our Father’s Day tribute.

If you are interested in sharing a memorable story about your father or a father figure, fill out the Google Form and don’t forget to email a photo of you and him to Natalie.Jones@coxinc.com by Tuesday, June 12 at 3 p.m.


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