First fast-food hamburger chain surpasses 29 billion sliders sold



White Castle, the first fast-food hamburger chain in the U.S., has surpassed a mind-blowing milestone of 29 billion sliders sold.

“The thought of 29 billion can be difficult to grasp, but when you break it down, it all begins with one idea from a pioneer 102 years ago and one tasty little burger,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “Our recipe for success is treating every burger sold like it is someone’s first time experiencing White Castle.”

The fast-food chain introduced customers to the small-sized hamburger that would become known as The Original Slider in 1921. The slider is 100% beef, steam-grilled on a bed of onions and served on a bun from the chain’s bakeries, according to a press release.

Today’s restaurants offer a wide variety of sliders from beef and chicken to fish and plant-based protein.

If 29 billion sliders is hard to grasp, here are four ways White Castle says customers can visualize it:

  • Stacking them vertically on top of the other would reach 7.5 billion feet tall, or more than 260,000 Mt. Everests.
  • Placing them end-to-end would stretch more than 1.4 million miles, or three round trips from Earth to the moon and back. They would also circle the Earth over 57 times.
  • Laid flat, the 29 billion sliders would cover a land area equivalent to Washington, D.C.
  • In terms of volume, the 29 billion sliders would fill nearly eight Empire State Buildings.

“Whether you’re enjoying a six-pack from the freezer aisle of your local grocer or a Crave Case with your friends at your local Castle, you can always count on great value and quality when you enjoy a White Castle slider,” said Richardson. “That’s how we sold our first billion sliders, and that’s how we’ll get to 30 billion sliders sold.”

White Castle’s Dayton area locations include 5201 Salem Bend Drive in Trotwood, 4780 Roosevelt Blvd. in Middletown, 6901 State Route 123 in Franklin, 614 Corwin Nixon Blvd. in South Lebanon and 851 High St. in Hamilton.

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