Heart Mercantile opens, expands in new Oregon District location

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

Heart Mercantile, the Oregon District-based boutique and gift shop, has officially moved to a bigger location just down the road to grow their business physically and virtually.

“It was bittersweet to move from a spot where we experienced so much, but this new chapter is really exciting for us,” co-owner Kait Gilcher said Friday.

Heart Mercantile, previously located at 438 E. Fifth St., has moved to 601 E. Fifth St., across from Trolley Stop and in between Puff Apothecary and Clash.

The new Fifth Street location gives the boutique 1,200 square feet of space, which is about double the size of the current shop.

“It feels great to have so much more space,” Gilcher said. “We really needed it. We were completely out of room to grow at our last location.”

Heart Mercantile is currently in the soft opening stage at its new location.

Gilcher said they are taking this week to make sure all of their equipment is up and running smoothly. They are also perfecting their sales floor and finishing up some projects.

Credit: Heart Mercantile

Credit: Heart Mercantile

Heart Mercantile was originally opened in 2015 by Brittany Smith. It is now co-owned by Smith, Gilcher and Carly Short.

Gilcher previously described Heart Mercantile as a Dayton and Ohio-centric gift shop.

“We’ve got some funny merchandise that’s maybe a little more on the edgy side, but very community oriented,” she previously said.

Heart Mercantile is planning to have a grand opening “party” next weekend with snacks, drinks and pop-up venders in front of their new store.

“We’d love everyone to stop in and see the space and hang out to enjoy the District’s DORA experience,” Gilcher said.

Heart Mercantile is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Starting Friday, May 13, the store will be open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

To learn more about Heart Mercantile, visit www.heartmercantile.com or visit the shop’s Facebook page.


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