‘Jeopardy!’ Notebook: On Day 35, Dayton native triumphs in another runaway episode



Dayton native Amy Schneider led the pack in another runaway “Jeopardy!” episode Jan. 18 earning a 35-day total of $1,164,000.

“Yesterday, our returning champion Amy Schneider charged on with the 34th consecutive victory of her momentous run that started all the way back in November,” host Ken Jennings noted at the outset. “At this point, there are only two players in ‘Jeopardy!’ history who have won more games. And you know what, by the end of the week, if no one does anything to stop her, there may be just one left – little old me.”

During the interview portion, Jennings inquired about the Chaminade-Julienne graduate’s all-time favorite books.

“I like a lot of genre fiction, but in terms of classic mainstream stuff, ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ ‘Catch-22′ and ‘Moby Dick,’” she said. “(‘Moby Dick’) has a reputation for being boring, and when I read it, I was really surprised to find just how fun it is.”

At the end of Double Jeopardy!, Schneider impressively garnered $35,400. Her nearest competitor lagged far behind at $5,000.

“You know, it isn’t every day where one player has a $30,000 lead going into Final Jeopardy! but it’s the world we’re living in,” Jennings said. “Amy Schneider ran three categories in today’s game and gave 40 correct responses. Very impressive.”

In Final Jeopardy!, the clue in the category of Awards Around the World: “France’s national theater award, it’s named for a man who died in Paris in 1673.” The correct response was Moliere, the playwright of “Tartuffe,” “The Miser,” “The Misanthrope” and others. Schneider incorrectly answered Voltaire, the author of such classics as “Candide.” She wagered big with $20,000, leaving her with $15,400 for the episode.

“The streak continues at least for one more day,” Jennings said.

Schneider can be seen on “Jeopardy!” weeknights at 7:30 p.m. on WDTN Channel 2.

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