Historic Troy distillery days away from first bourbon release since prohibition

A revival of a famous Troy distillery is stirring for the first time since prohibition.

Hayner Distilling, located at 619 Lincoln Ave. in Troy, is preparing for the first release of Hayner Bourbon in over 100 years. Available Friday, June 4, the first 500 bottles will feature a “June 4, 2021″ postmark, commemorating the first bottling of Hayner Bourbon in over 100 years.

The bourbon is set to hit Ohio liquor shelves on Thursday, July 1.

The original Hayner Distilling Co. was founded in Troy in 1866 by Lewis Hayner. With the help of several family members, the company expanded to Springfield and Dayton. In the decades that followed, the distillery evolved into a “nationally recognized and enormously profitable mail-order whiskey business,” according to the website of the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center, which includes the Hayner Distillery Museum. Prohibition delivered the death blow to the distillery in 1920.



Patrons can purchase the commemorative bottles Friday, June 4 and Saturday, June 5 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the distillery. According to a Hayner statement, the distillery will soon add additional June sales hours.

The revival of the distillery began over two years ago for local Troy founders of Hayner Distilling, Greg Taylor and Andrew Wannemacher.

“After completing the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, we finally visited the Hayner Distilling Museum located in the Hayner Cultural Center,” Taylor said. “Hayner has such an amazing story. We want to share our love for the bourbon experience and Hayner’s history with the community.”

The distillery plans to donate a portion of all sales to the Hayner Cultural Center in Troy.

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Due to the lengthy, multi-year process required to make bourbon, Hayner sourced already-aged bourbon for this first release. The Troy distillery teamed up with Bardstown Bourbon Company along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail to create the blend.

Hayner Distilling’s barrels are set for production early next year.

According to a Hayner Distilling release, “The Hayner Museum gave permission for 4 ounces of 120-year-old bourbon to be drawn from an original bottle of Hayner Bourbon. That sample was analyzed by the Bardstown Bourbon Company to help create a bourbon blend that matches many of the original tasting notes.”

“In the analysis, we tasted the original whiskey and it was incredible,” Taylor said. “We’re excited to say the new Hayner is as smooth as the original. It’s a very soft, sweet whiskey with tasting notes of bright cherry, graham cracker, and a touch of black pepper and caramel. I have no doubt Lewis would be proud of the new Hayner Bourbon.”

To learn more about Hayner Distilling visit www.hayner.com.

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