6 things that will infuriate most Daytonians

By Amelia Robinson

Staff writer

For the most part, we'd like to think Dayton residents are a pretty friendly bunch, but there are just a few things that will set us off instantly. We wouldn't go as far as to qualify mention of any of these as instant betrayal, but that wouldn't be far off. Whether you're a politician or a casual tourist, avoid these conversational gaffes to stay on our good side, and we promise, we'll become great friends.

  • Claim the Wright Brothers were from, shudder, Kitty Hawk

  • Dayton let out a collective "Oh no he didn't" when Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio praised the Wright Brothers for the airplane and described them as “two brothers from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina ”  during a Detroit Economic Club speech.

    Presidential candidate Marco Rubio at Detroit Economic Club. Screen grab from video posted to  DaytonDailyNews.com.

    The senator from Florida made one of the biggest missteps anyone hoping to win over Dayton voters could make. He gave our hometown heroes to that credit-stealing state down south.

    Hey, Marco Rubio, just in case you need a reminder on where the Wright brothers are from ...

    Posted by Ohio Politics on Thursday, August 20, 2015

    Daytonians take the Wrights very, very seriously.

    Wilbur may have been born in Indiana, but like Dayton native Orville, was raised and schooled in city. The brother did most of their work here despite what North Carolina would have you believe.

    Rubio obviously should take our Which Wright Quiz.  They should require it in North Carolina schools.


    • Bring up NCR

      6 thinks to say if you want to cheese off Daytonians, item 1
      The NCR workers auditorium in 1942. (Source: Dayton History)


      The thought of those three letters grouped together is enough to make most Daytonians seethe.

      Founded here as National Cash Register in 1884, NCR Corp. turkey-kicked Dayton square in the chest with its June 2009 announcement that it would relocate its headquarters and nearly 1,300 jobs to the Atlanta area.

      Like Lebron leaving Cleveland, it wasn't that NCR left, it was the Cartman-like way that it happened.

      The company dissed Ohio citizens and politicians.



    • Defend NASA's space shuttle decision

      6 thinks to say if you want to cheese off Daytonians, item 2
      The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force's Space Shuttle Exhibit features NASA's first Crew Compartment Trainer. (Credit: National Museum of the U.S. Air Force)


      NASA played the role of stupid jerk-face when it decided against retiring one of four shuttles at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in 2011.

      The Space Shuttle Exhibit we got instead is nice ( it features NASA's first Crew Compartment Trainer), but it is not a space shuttle.



    • Hint that you'd cut Wright-Patterson Air Force Base jobs

      6 thinks to say if you want to cheese off Daytonians, item 3
      Cars enter Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on Monday, May 11. On Friday, May 8, 2015.( TIM CHESNUT/STAFF)


      Don't even think about it.

      The base is among the Buckeye State's largest employers with 27,000 military members, civilian and government contractor employees. With its 8,145 acres, it is considered the largest employer at a single site in Ohio.



    • Get the Wrong State

      6 thinks to say if you want to cheese off Daytonians, item 4
      Vice President Joe Biden at a 2012 Wright State University speech. (Staff photo by Chris Stewart)


      Wright State grads and supports don't take to kindly to those who screw up the university's name.  Vice President Joe Biden learned this when he accidently referred to Wright State as Wayne State during a campaign stop at Wright State. Oops!

      Politicians should also probably avoid saying "Wrong State."


    • Disrespect square-cut

      6 thinks to say if you want to cheese off Daytonians, item 5
      (Photos: Cassano's Facebook page and Lisa Powell, staff photographer)

      Cassano’s or Marion's as the square-cut pizza leader is always up for debate, but don't talk smack about Dayton square-cut style pizza. It is easy to pick up, share and is delicious. 

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      Source: Ohio Politics blog


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