Ohio declared 9th best ‘pizza state’ in US with help of Dayton

Credit: Contributed

Credit: Contributed

When out-of-staters think of Ohio and its best qualities, pizza might just come to mind.

An April 28 article on the Food & Wine food magazine’s website declared Ohio as ninth place in a lineup of “The 10 Best Pizza States in America.” It came in behind — in order — New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Illinois, Michigan, California, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

Ohio wedged in front of Missouri, the 10th state in the roundup.

“The great thing about Ohio is there’s more where that came from,” the article reported. “Pizza-wise, this is as balkanized a state as you will find, each city and region very much into their own style. The other great thing about Ohio is that most of these styles remain a complete mystery to the outside world.”

The article did a deep-dive into each state and listed some of Ohio’s most recognizable names in pizza. Dayton got its own spotlight in the report.

“By the time you get to Dayton, another town that’s incredibly proud of its pizza, you’re down to the bare, cracker-crust walls, loaded up with toppings,” Food and Wine reported. “Locals like to debate big names like Cassano’s (which used to automatically salt the bottom of the crust before baking) and Marion’s Piazza.”

The magazine even explored the Gem City’s outskirts in its rankings.

“But it’s one-offs like Pappa’s Pizza Palace in Miamisburg (and Joe’s back in Dayton, if you like a slightly thicker crust) that work the hardest. On and on it goes,” Food and Wine reported.

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