On the Italian Riviera: Ghostlight Coffee adds new food and drink items



Ghostlight Coffee is embracing the heat of summer.

Ghostlight Coffee South Park, located at 1201 Wayne Ave. in Dayton, has just released limited-time trio of new drinks “celebrating the Mediterranean Aperitif culture.” The new items will likely leave the menu once Ghostlight Coffee begins with its Autumn flavors menu.

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The trio includes:

☕La Dolce Vita- $4

-Aperitivo Spirito and Fever Tree Tonic on ice

☕Spirito Fresco- $5

-Zero-proof gin, Aperitivo Spirito, a splash of lemonade and Fever Tree Tonic on ice

☕Amore Estivo- $5

-Deeper Roots espresso, Aperitivo Spirito, and Fever Tree Tonic. Served either on ice or at room temperature.

The new drinks range from $4 to $6, depending on some of the optional add-ins like “top-shelf” non-alcoholic gin such as “Monday Gin.”

“The popularity of zero-proof spirits is gaining momentum at a surprising rate, and high-quality, flavorful options just keep coming out,” said Shane Anderson, Ghostlight Coffee founder. “We get notice of new, exciting non-alcoholic beverage options from international producers weekly. These spirits and mixers are a natural fit for a coffeehouse menu, as another social beverage option for those who don’t necessarily want the effects of an alcoholic drink at a bar.”

Anderson added the coffee shop plans to continue to expand its selection of zero-proof menu items and bottles available for purchase in-shop.

Also, for a limited-time, there’s a new sandwich available at Ghostlight Coffee Midtown only, located at 800 S. Patterson Blvd. in Dayton.

The Frittata Brunch Sandwich includes a bacon, egg and cheddar frittata — also available as a vegan egg, roasted red pepper and Pepper Jack frittata — served on Ciabatta with greens, pickled onion and herbed aioli.

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