Area couple takes on ‘Shark Tank’ in season premiere

Credit: ABC

Credit: ABC

William and Kristen Schumacher, a married couple from Cincinnati, are tight-lipped on how their appearance on tonight’s episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank” unfolds. Regardless, their pitch must have been impressive enough to land the entrepreneurs a spot on the Season 13 premiere, airing at 8 p.m.

William and Kristen are Cincinnati natives. William is an alumni of Wright State University in the College of Business Education and Kristen graduated from The Ohio State University.

On tonight’s episode, the couple will pitch their company, Uprising, to the “sharks” including business moguls Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary. Ahead of the premiere, they were not allowed to disclose the specifics of the pitch or how much financial backing they would be asking for during the pitch.

“The experience was definitely once in a lifetime,” Kristen said. “It was a dream of ours really from the beginning to just be able to have that type of exposure, and to be in front of such an iconic show and entrepreneurs. So, when we found out that we made it, I mean, we are definitely over the moon.”

Their pitch was filmed four months ago, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that they found out their shoot made it all the way to production and would appear on the season premiere.

Credit: ABC

Credit: ABC

“We went in with just little expectations,” Kristen said. “Obviously, the mission for us was the most important part — to be able to get people to rally behind what we’re so passionate about, what we believe in, on such a large scale.”

Uprising, founded in 2019, is a “superfood bakery” based in Cincinnati and states on its website that it’s a “a brand waging war against poor health and a broken food system.”

“Basically, the big idea here is that the food system is fundamentally broken,” William said. “We are sick at scale, and major (food) staples are playing a huge role in that because the ingredients cause issues in people’s bodies. You do that over a lifetime, wake up with where we are now where we’re spending trillions of dollars a year on medical interventions to treat things that food has a major impact on.”

According to the company’s site, “Uprising foods incorporate both cutting-edge science and artisan baking secrets to transform seemingly simple ingredients into insanely delicious creations. Their clean ingredient foods are made without grains, denatured oils and preservatives, are both keto and paleo-friendly, high in fiber and protein.”

The couple is setting out to build a brand where people can purchase everyday grocery items that have a positive impact on their health due to the quality of ingredients, the Schumachers said.

“We need a food revolution,” William said.

Uprising Food delivers its “bundles” of products, all available on the website, and has shipped to doorsteps in every state in the U.S. The company recently launched into retail at Meijer grocery stores, including Dayton-area Meijer locations.

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