Daytonian of the Week: Heater

By Amelia Robinson
Staff Writer

You know what they say about dragons with size 27 shoes? They are awesome.

Dayton has one of the most awesome dragons in all of dragon-kind.

Heater, the Dayton Dragons' 7-foot, 2-inches tall fun ambassador, has become one of the community's most beloved residents.

Image Source: Dayton Dragons

He gives out hugs, dances like a maniac and drums up smiles before, during and after Dragons games.

Heater, his sister Gem and The Green Team are part of the reason Dayton Dragons games are so entertaining.

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We caught up with this hot dog-loving "drag-ster" fiend and knighted him Daytonian of the Week.


  • Who are you really?

    HEATER: Daytonian of the Week, item 1
    Source: Dayton Dragons

    A Dragon...a very handsome one, I might add!

  • What is your hidden super power?

    HEATER: Daytonian of the Week, item 2
    Source: Dayton Dragons

    I can make anyone laugh!

  • What is the best thing about your job?

    Having fun with the best fans in all of sports!

  • What do you love about life in Dayton?

    HEATER: Daytonian of the Week, item 4
    Archived photo: Jennifer Garza gives Heater the Dayton Dragons mascot a high-five as he visits her classroom at Lincoln Elementary in Springfield alongside two players on April 20, 2011 as part of the Dragons MVP program. Staff file photo by Bill Lackey

    The Dayton Dragons of course!

  • Where is the most romantic place in Dayton and why?

    What better place for a date than Fifth Third Field?!

  • What is your favorite thing to do locally on the weekend?

    HEATER: Daytonian of the Week, item 6
    Source: Dayton Dragons

    If the Dayton Dragons are in town, I'm there!

  • What is your favorite "Dayton" food?

    HEATER: Daytonian of the Week, item 7
    Archived photo: Wearing a Heater Hat, Stephen Gorsuch enjoys cotton candy in the stands as he watches the Dragons at Fifth Third Field in 2008. Staff file photo by Jim Witmer

    Oh! I know the answer to this one! Hot dogs ... no ... Dippin' Dots ... wait ... nachos ... or maybe it's Cracker Jacks ... orrrrr cotton candy! I'll eat it all!

  • What should people from other cities know about Dayton-area residents?

    HEATER: Daytonian of the Week, item 8
    Archive photo: Heater dances on the dugout between innings. Staff file photo by Skip Peterson.

    Daytonians are loyal and awesome baseball fans!

  • What is your favorite piece of Dayton trivia?

    HEATER: Daytonian of the Week, item 9
    Archive photo: Heater throws T-shirts to the fans during Dayton Dragons Opening Day in 2008. Staff file photo by Teesha McClam

    The Dayton Dragons have sold out every game since their first game!!!

  • What Daytonian deserves his or her very own statue?

    HEATER: Daytonian of the Week, item 10
    Heater wears a deputy sheriff hat at the Voss Honda Child Safety Day in Tipp City on June 19, 2010. Photograph by Skip Peterson

    Me of course! Actually, I have one...but I wouldn't mind another!