'Blue's Clues & You': Video gives first look at Nick Jr. 'Blue's Clues' reboot

Credit: Nickelodeon

Credit: Nickelodeon

Nick Jr. has shared a new music video that gives a look at the revamped version of "Blue's Clues," the award-winning children's television show.

Nickelodeon announced in September that "Blue's Clues & You" started production in Toronto and would star Broadway actor Joshua Dela Cruz.

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According to the network, the original "Blue's Clues" host, Steve Burns, helped in the search for the newcomer.

"I had the great honor of being a part of the search for the new host, and I give Josh two thumbs up," Burns said in a statement. "He can definitely fill my shoes, and the rugby shirt."

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“Blue’s Clues & You” features all the original animated characters from the 1996 iteration, updated from cutout animation to 3D animation.

Blue, Magenta, Mailbox, Sidetable Drawer, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Paprika, Cinnamon, Felt Friends, Tickety Tock, Slippery Soap, Shovel and Pail all make appearances in the new version.

"Blue's Clues & You" airs in November on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. programming block. Take a look at the new show in the video below.

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