Warren County Kennel Club’s show to feature up to 2,000 dogs, 200 breeds

Conformation Show is free to attend and offers chance to see many dogs in one place, organizers say.

The Warren County Kennel Club is set to host the club’s annual Conformation Show on Easter weekend at the Roberts Centre in Wilmington.

The event will give spectators an opportunity to learn about different breeds of dogs, and guests can expect to see 1,500 to 2,000 dogs in one place over the course of the weekend. There is no cost to attend the show, and parking is free.

“It’s a wonderful place for spectators to come in if you’re thinking about buying a dog or getting a dog. You can come in and see the dog. It’s the only place you can come in and see 200 different dog breeds at one site,” said Jay Roden, the show chair for the Warren County Kennel Club.

He said most spectators don’t know much about the competition end of the event, but they just want to see and meet the dogs. Most of the dogs are well mannered, and the majority of the owners don’t mind if guests pet or interact with their dogs, but guests should be respectful and always ask first.

“We have a good spectator crowd, and the unique thing about the Warren County Kennel Club is we don’t charge for parking, and we don’t charge for admission,” Roden said.

There will be about 800 dogs coming through each day. Every year, Warren County Kennel Club holds the show on the last weekend of March.

Seven different classifications of dogs will be judged from experts from across the United States who will judge the conformation of each dog. The seven classifications of dogs are working, herding, hound, toy, sporting, non-sporting and terrier. (There are approximately 30 breeds within each group.) Show participants come from all over the United States.

Roden said the judge’s responsibility is to pick the dog that best meets The American Kennel Club’s standard. Dogs compete in conformation for championship points. Each dog competes with other dogs within the same breed for “Best of Breed.” Then, the winner of each breed competes to be the winner of the group, such as the working, herding, hound, and so on. Following that round, the group winners go on to compete for the “Best in Show.” Then, one final dog is selected.

At the show, events include a Meet and Greet, where guests have the opportunity to walk around, meet different dogs and talk to the owners and exhibitors.

The Fast Cat Competition will also be running in conjunction with the event. (This is a speed event with a course that’s set up, and dogs are timed for the distance they run, and the speed they achieve within their breed.)

Warren County Kennel Club (WCKC) is dedicated to furthering the advancement and protecting the interests of purebred dogs, encouraging sportsmanlike competition, and to conduct sanctioned matches, shows and obedience trials under the rules of the AKC. The Warren County Kennel Club was formed in 1975.

The club County Kennel Club hosts monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Frisch’s at 8201 Claude Thomas Road in Franklin.

How to go

What: Warren County Kennel Club presents its 2024 Conformation Show

When: Friday-Sunday, March 29-31. On Fri., the specialty shows will start at 12:30 p.m. The event will run from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Sat. and Sun.

Where: Roberts Centre, 123 Gano Road, Wilmington

Cost: Free admission, free parking.

More info: wckcohio.org

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