'Bee sting times 10': Michigan woman bit by rattlesnake

Credit: David McNew/Getty Images

Credit: David McNew/Getty Images

A Michigan woman was cleaning out her garage last week when she felt a pain that was “like a bee sting times 10” as she walked through her yard.

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It wasn't a bee. Laura Bowen of Pinckney had been bitten by a rattlesnake, WXYZ reported.

“It was instant fry,” Bowen told the television station of the burning pain she felt.

Bowen was carrying some rakes down a walkway between her home and garage on Aug. 20 and said she did not see the snake on the ground in front of her garage door.

"(I) just kept telling myself don't overreact because it's just probably a garden snake or something," Bowen told WXYZ. "I took a couple (of) shutter steps and looked back and it was a huge snake."

Bowen took a photo of the snake, and emergency responders identified it as an eastern Massasauga rattlesnake, the television station reported.

"That was the best thing that I did was to take that photo so they could identify it and know what they were treating," she said.

Bowen spent four days in the hospital. She said she will take preventive steps to avoid another snake bite.

"I think I'm going to buy some garden boots, the rubber ones that are clunky," Bowen told WXYZ. "Definitely rethinking my garden attire."

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