Couple get married at Cleveland airport's baggage claim

Credit: Hans/Pixabay

Credit: Hans/Pixabay

A California couple can claim more than baggage at Cleveland's airport. They can lay claim to being the first couple to be married at the airport's baggage claim belt, WEWS reported.

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Michelle Belleau and Ron Peterson tied the knot Saturday at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, saying their vows at baggage claim carousel No. 6, the television station reported. The couple, who live in Los Angeles, chose the venue because that is where they met in 2007, reported.

"To our knowledge, we have never had a wedding at the airport," an airport spokesman told CBS News on Saturday.

Belleau met Peterson 12 years ago when she was assigned by her boss to pick him up at the airport -- at Southwest Airlines' carousel No. 6, WJW reported. Belleau was working in the concert promotions business when she met Peterson, the president of Rotten Records, a metal records label, reported.

The couple hit it off and began a long-distance dating relationship, WEWS reported. After proposing, Peterson told Belleau he wanted to get married where they initially met, the television station reported.

"He said he really wanted to get married at the place we first met," Belleau told "I couldn't think of anything more perfect."

On Saturday, the couple recited their vows in front of 100 family members and friends. The couple hired an opera singer, two cellists and decorated the baggage claim area with the colors of Southwest Airlines, WEWS reported.

"It was both the happiest place and the saddest place," Belleau told CBS News on Saturday, noting the couple were either saying goodbye or reuniting at carousel No. 6.

Now, it’s the happiest place

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