19-year-old charged after video shows her throwing chair over balcony and onto highway

A 19-year-old woman turned herself in to police Wednesday morning in Toronto after video circulated online appearing to show her throwing a chair over a balcony. The Toronto Star reported Marcella Zoia is charged with mischief endangering life, damaging property and common nuisance.

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Detective Tod Higo told CBC News Zoria came into the Toronto Police Service's 52 Division on her own and cooperated with authorities.

A Snapchat video spread across other social media platforms over the weekend in which a woman tosses a chair from a high-rise condo. The chair goes over the balcony and lands on a highway below as cars are driving. No cars appear to be hit by the chair in the video.

Police confirmed the incident happened Saturday around 10 a.m.

"Once we had known who she was, investigators reached out to her and they started to make arrangements for her to turn herself in," Toronto police spokesperson David Hopjinson told CBC News. "We want to give her the opportunity to speak to her lawyer and then come in on her own volition."

“It’s the best for everyone. This being a case where no one was injured, we didn't have any public safety concerns. It gave us leeway to try and treat her in the best possible way and that’s what has happened.”

According to Global News, earlier reports said the unit the incident happened in was an Airbnb rental.

"We are outraged by the blatant disregard for community safety on display in the video," the company said in a statement, according to CTV News Toronto. "We will be suspending any guest accounts that appear to be connected to this incident."

Toronto Mayor John Tory was more critical, calling Zoia's actions "grossly irresponsible," according to The Guardian.

“I just hope that people take from the example the consequences that will befall this woman. This is irresponsible behavior that is unacceptable,” Tory said. “It was not just a lark gone bad. It was grossly irresponsible behavior that could have caused serious injury and death.”

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