NC drivers on edge after razor blade discovered taped to gas pump

Police in North Carolina are urging drivers to be cautious after reports of a razor blade taped to a gasoline pump, WGHP reported.

Police said they found the razor taped to a pump at the BP gas station on Main Street in Archdale, WGHP reported.

"It could've been an attempt to put a razor blade inside of the handle," store manager Patricia Breese, who was watching a surveillance camera, told the television station.

It was the second time a razor blade has been found at a North Carolina gas station. Last week, police in Walburg said they found a razor blade taped to a pump handle at a Sheetz service station, WGHP reported.

Breese said she has told customers to be careful.

"Kids could be pumping gas for their parents, so a kid could've been the one to grab that," said Sabrina Kress, a customer at the BP station.

Breese said she and her co-workers are checking each pump handle every few hours.

"You have to worry about things like infections and contaminations or just getting badly hurt," Breese told WGHP.

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