Drone soccer? Springfield middle school hosts, wins state’s first event

The Hayward Middle School Drone Soccer Team “soared into the history books” after winning what organizers said is Ohio’s first drone soccer event.

The team competed against the Global Impact STEM Academy Drone Soccer Team recently in the tournament held at the middle school.

The competition was the first such in the state, according to XTremeSTEM, the organization that oversees drone soccer in Ohio.

“This innovative program teaches in-demand skills like drone technology and teamwork,” said Superintendent Bob Hill. “Being part of this historic event will surely inspire Hayward’s students to continue reaching new heights.”

Drone soccer is a fast-growing new sport, originating from Asia, that involves two teams of up to five players per team. Each player is equipped with a drone and has a position, similar to traditional soccer, which are flown in a large cage. The winner is determined by the team that scores the highest number of goals.

The Hayward Drone Soccer Team is sponsored by The Braxton Miller Foundation. They also sponsor Hayward’s XTreme Bots Team, which creates robots that battle one another in regional competitions.

Schaefer and Roosevelt Middle Schools have also expressed interest in forming drone soccer teams, as well as schools from outside districts.

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