Father trolls engagement moment with 'Say no' sign

Credit: Carl Court

Credit: Carl Court

It’s recited at countless wedding ceremonies: Who gives this woman to be married to this man?

One father in Nevada was having a hard time letting go. When his daughter received a marriage proposal from her longtime boyfriend, her father urged her to just say no.

It was all a joke, of course. He actually approves of his daughter’s future marital bliss.

Allison Barron and Levi Bliss of Winnemucca, Nevada, have been dating for two years. Bliss popped the question Saturday, Fox News reported. At that moment, Barron's father, Jake Barron, was standing off in the distance, holding a sign imploring his daughter to "Say no."

"This is really just my dad's personality," Allison told Buzzfeed News, adding that her father was only joking. "We have a very close family and so he's made little jokes like this before."

Allison said she was in tears when Bliss made his proposal but burst out laughing after seeing the sign, Fox News reported.

“We both know my dad so well, we got the joke right away and found it funny," she said.

By the way, Allison ignored her father's sign and said yes. On her Facebook page, her profile photo shows her showing off her engagement ring while kissing Bliss.

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