FINALLY! It was the warm day we’d all been waiting for. Just don’t look ahead to Monday.

That yellow thing in the sky is the sun, and yes, it does occasionally get warm in Dayton. You’re forgiven if you had begun to doubt those things.

Thursday’s weather at least temporarily shoved aside a depressingly cold start to spring, as restaurant patios opened, kids ran and shouted on playgrounds, and short sleeves came out of the closet.

WEATHER: Stay up to date with the StormCenter 7 forecast

The high temperature in Dayton on Thursday reached 78 degrees — warmth you practically needed a plane ride to find in the first few weeks of “spring.”

Cold temperatures in March and April are not unusual, but Dayton weather is usually very up-and-down, making 2018 somewhat of an aberration.

From March 10 to April 10, Dayton had only 4 days with above-normal high temperatures, 1 day exactly on the average, and a mind-numbing 27 days below normal.

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Even on the few days in that stretch when the mercury did rise, it barely beat the average high — topping out between 55 and 59 on March 18, 19 and 29, and hitting 63 degrees on April 3. Compare that with March 2017, when Dayton had 3 days of highs in the 70s and six days in the 60s (to go along with a nasty cold snap or two).

The average temperatures in Dayton for the week of April 10 are a high of 60 and a low of 40. We should blow that out of the water again Friday, with a high of 77 and a mix of clouds and sun, according to WHIO’s StormCenter 7 forecast. Saturday may still touch 70 degrees as the rain rolls in.

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For those of you skeptics still holding a grudge against Mother Nature, yes, she’s still planning one more sucker punch Monday, with a high in the low 40s, a low temperature near freezing and some chance of snow.

But that’s the only day in the long-range forecast where the high temperature is predicted below 55. It’s three weeks late, but … Happy Spring!

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