Florida man suffers 'horrific’ injuries after stabbing

Credit: WFTV.com

Credit: WFTV.com

A Florida man who was stabbed at a residence Thursday morning was able to stumble out of a home and ask for help from his neighbors, police said.

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Witnesses said the man came out of a home in Rockledge onto a neighbor’s driveway to ask for help.

Rockledge police said the man suffered life-threatening wounds in what appears to be a domestic incident on Thanksgiving Day.

Photos of the scene show the man with injuries too graphic to be detailed.

“It's horrific that one human being can do this to another," Lt. Donna Seyferth said.

Seyferth said the scene was one of the worst she’d ever witnessed.

“It's one of the most horrific that I have seen,” she said.

Neighbors said children were playing outside in the neighborhood when the incident occurred Thursday morning.

“My kids came up and said there's a naked man laying out there bleeding,” eyewitness Jonathan Cannon said.

Cannon said considering the extent of the man’s injuries, it was amazing that he was able to speak and ask for help at all.

“He's like, ‘Man, I'm fixin’ to die. I'm fixin’ to die.’ I'm like, ‘No, you're not going to die. You're OK. Everything’s OK,’” Cannon said.

Police said the stabbing is believed to be a domestic incident. A man and the victim’s wife were being questioned by police after she -- and possibly he -- fled directly to the Cocoa Police Department parking lot after the incident.

It was there where children who may live in the victim's home were seen next to a blue SUV.

“What exactly (the children) saw I don't know yet. And we'll be interviewing them, but we try to be as careful as possible. This is -- it's horrific and you add the children on top of it and that's hard for them to process,” Seyferth said.

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