Grizzly ‘hit me like a Volkswagen with fur,’ man tells judge in excuse for parole violation

A Montana man has been sentenced to two years in prison for parole violations, but it’s what he told the judge that’s turning heads.

Steven Boyd, 48, missed meetings with a parole officer last summer and he admitted that, the Great Falls Tribune reported, but he blamed it on a grizzly bear attack that happened while he was picking berries.

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“He hit me like a Volkswagen with fur,” Boyd told the court, according to the Great Falls Tribune.

Boyd said he triggered the attack by using an air horn when the bear got too close. He said it took him weeks to find his way out of the woods because of his injuries, including memory loss and an injured shoulder, but despite his condition he managed to find his way to his father’s house.

Boyd, who pleaded guilty to assault and drug possession in 2012, said he didn’t need any medical care for his injuries.

The judge didn’t buy it, sentencing him to two years in prison with a recommendation for admission into an intensive supervision program.

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