Jungle Jim’s named one of the country’s best grocery stores for buying beer

Jungle Jim’s recently scored a notable accolade from RateBeer.com, which has proclaimed the Fairfield store as the best grocery store in Ohio at which to shop for beer, and one of the four best in the country, for beer enthusiasts.

Each year, the website releases its “RateBeer Best Awards,” which focus mostly on breweries and beers, as rated by the website’s users. But it also includes in its list the best brewpub, restaurant, tap room, bottle shop, grocery and bar, based on consumer ratings.

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A community of hundreds of thousands of RateBeer members from more than 100 countries have rated hundreds of thousands of different beers around the world.

RateBeer said the list was "a summary of the very best beer retailers in the world as judged by the worldwide beer enthusiasts at RateBeer and calculated from their many reviews."

“Many thanks to all those who work hard every day to provide us with the very best best beers, stored and served to the highest standards, in an enjoyable atmosphere,” the website said.

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