RESCHEDULED: Chuck a Christmas tree for charity? Here’s how and why.

UPDATE: The Christmas Tree Throw-Off has been rescheduled due to the expected weather conditions coming tomorrow.

“With the forecast calling for bad weather and the potential for several inches of snow, we thought it was best to move the date back a week in hopes of better weather,” said Aaron Messenger, Recreation Manager.

EARLIER: Need something to do with your holiday tree? Think you can throw far? Then the Vandalia Recreation Center has something for you.

The Rec Center will host a Christmas Tree Throw-Off to benefit the Vandalia Food Pantry.

“This is a fun project we’ve put together to help out our local food pantry. This is a challenging time of the year for the pantry, and we thought this might be a way to help,” said Parks and Recreation Director Steve Clark. “We’ve been pleasantly surprised by all of the positive comments we’ve had since announcing the contest.”

The deal is to bring $2 or two canned goods and get two throws in return. All money and canned goods go to the Vandalia Food Pantry.

The Parks and Recreation Department encourages residents every year to recycle their trees. Trees are left in the lot in the southwest corner of the Sports Complex.

“Even though it might sound like a silly contest, there are actually some sound physical fitness principles at work,” said Recreation Superintendent Jeff Kreill. “Contestants will have to utilize proper form, strength and coordinated major muscle groups to put together a winning toss.”

“These are all things, by the way, that can be improved through regular workouts at our Recreation Center.”

You can join the fun on Saturday, Jan. 19, from noon to 2 p.m. near the Sports Complex Field 1 at the Rec Center located on Stonequarry Road. All ages can participate.

Visit the Rec Center’s website or Facebook page for more details on upcoming event or contact Messenger at

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