Could weather cause a downpour on Bellbrook’s Sugar Maple Festival?

The rain and wind slowed down today’s set-up for the 41st annual Sugar Maple Festival in Bellbrook that kicks-off tonight at 5 p.m.

The rain created a soggy set-up, but workers did what they could.

“We have put off putting up some of the tents because of the rain and wind,” said Nikki Kosins.

Despite the weather, the event will still go on as planned but safety is always their first priority.

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“We do have an emergency plan. We do have radios. We can community and call each other. We also can go to the school, so we do have a backup plan in place,” Kosins said.

This years festival will feature an 80s theme and thousands of people are expected to show up.

There's also a new addition to the festival and News Center 7's Gabrielle Enright shows us what will keep an eye on everyone.

“We put a 360 camera in. We have great local businesses who sponsored it and we just wanted people to see what’s happening in Bellbrook,” said Christina Pearson.

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The camera is mounted on Main Street and will give online viewers a live look at the event.

“It’s set to focus on the different angles so it catches all of it. It pans every 15 seconds so it’s on a constant rotation and keeps an eye out,” Pearson said.

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