A dangerous stop? Dayton officials worry about RTA riders

Some planning commission officials and neighbors say a bus stop on the shoulder of a busy Dayton roadway is unsafe and should be moved.

The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority has a bus stop on the eastern side of Woodman Drive, north of U.S. 35, across from the Woodman Park Apartments.

The stop is for the Route 11 bus, which heads downtown before traveling south to the Kettering Medical Center and then out to the Greene Town Center.

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But that is not a safe location for people to stand and wait for a ride, according to some Dayton Plan board members.

“And it’s going to encourage people to run across Woodman Drive to get to that bus stop …” said board member Greg Scott.

Board member Beverly Pendergast said, “I noticed that the other day, when I was driving down, and saw somebody standing there and thought, ‘What a stupid place for a bus to stop.’ ”

The speed limit on the road is 45 mph, but some motorists fly by at faster speeds.

The shoulder’s length is roughly the width of a mid-sized sedan. There is a guard rail, but there is a fairly steep slope on the safer side of it. The stop is in

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Greater Dayton RTA CEO Mark Donaghy said while the stops at Woodman are not in the best place, they can be made safely by the agency’s professional operators.

If eliminated, Donaghy said, the nearest stops would require people to walk a considerable distance on the shoulder of Wodoman Drive, which would be less safe.

“Like many suburban locations, developments have occurred in the area in question that call for transit service but lack sidewalks or other pedestrian amenities,” he said.

The stop serves the Woodman Park Apartments, which has 520 units. The stop has an average of five daily riders. Some residents said they take the No. 11 bus frequently.

Evelyn Bicknell, 72, says she catches the bus downtown about five or six times a week.

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Bicknell said she wishes there was some sort of lighting at the stop, because it does not feel safe when it’s still dark in the early morning and she needs to wait on the side of the road.

“Even in day time — you know how people drive down this road — if you don’t step back far enough, you could get hit and run over,” she said.

Crossing the road also can be challenging during heavy periods of traffic, she said.

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Woodman Drive is on the municipal boundary line for the cities of Dayton and Riverside. The Woodman Park Apartments are in Dayton. The stop is in Riverside.

Riverside City Manager Mark Carpenter said the city of Riverside would support relocating a bus stop if it was deemed unsafe for riders.

However, he said, he has not heard any complaints about this particular stop.

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