UPDATE: Dash-cam video released from immigrant’s traffic stop in Yellow Springs

UPDATE @ 5:45 p.m.

The Dayton Daily News requested and obtained the dash-cam video of Miguel Espinosa’s Aug. 26 traffic stop in Yellow Springs.

Espinosa was stopped for not stopping on the white stop bar line on the pavement when he stopped at North Winter Street and Yellow Springs Fairfield Road.


A Yellow Springs man now detained because of his immigration status has led village officials to question their policies and practices in making arrests.

The Aug. 26 arrest and potential deportation of 41-year-old Miguel A. Espinosa has come as a shock to village residents who know him well as a longtime villager and family man who operates the food truck Miguel’s Taco’s.

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Espinosa was arrested by Yellow Springs police for driving under suspension and not having a valid driver’s license.

Police transported Espinosa to the Greene County Jail, and from there he was transported to the Butler County Jail, where he is being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said as an inmate in his jail, Espinosa "will probably be deported."

The village released a statement Monday afternoon about the village’s current “police protocol” of arresting and transporting repeat offenders to jail “as an effort to change their behavior.”

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The village statement reads “We are saddened by the unintended consequences of our protocol on Mr. Espinosa.”

“We, as a municipal government and police department, must face the reality of the catastrophic damage that our actions can have, particularly on our vulnerable populations,” the statement reads.

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Village officials are reviewing “protocols, guidelines and policies to find a better solution that meets our legal requirements, ensures public safety and well-being of the community, and is sensitive to the dynamics of vulnerable populations,” according to the statement.

The Dayton Daily News is working to gather more details on this developing story.

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