Results of OVI checkpoints released as police crack down on impaired drivers

Police conducted OVI checkpoints in three locations Friday night in an effort to crack down on impaired driving in Dayton ahead of Halloween with other major holidays just around the corner.

Dayton police and the Combined Agency OVI Task Force of Montgomery County started at South Smithville Road at Linden Avenue, then moved to East Third Street at Terry Street, and ended at South Keowee Street at East Fifth Street.

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At the checkpoint at South Smithville Road, a total of 306 vehicles drove through the checkpoint. Six were diverted for closer checks, two of which were cited for driving without a license. Saturation patrols in the area stopped 12 vehicles, issuing one citation for driving without a license, one for not wearing a seatbelt, one for an “other” offense and 11 warnings.

The checkpoint at East Third Street saw 120 vehicles pass through and diverted 9. Of those nine, one was cited for driving without a license and four for driving with a suspended license. Patrols around the checkpoint stopped eight vehicles, issuing eight warnings and arresting one person for driving while under the influence.

Finally, at the South Keowee Street checkpoint, 191 vehicles passed through, 10 of which were diverted for further checking. One of these drivers was tested for OVI, and four were cited for driving without a license. Patrols near the checkpoint stopped 11 vehicles, issuing 10 warnings and arresting one person for driving while under the influence.

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News Center 7’s Monica Castro explains that a check of last year’s OVI stats show why it’s important.

In 2018, there were 559 OVI-related crashes in Montgomery County, of those:

  • 13 were fatal
  • 227 were injury crashes
  • 326 caused property damage.

“We want people to go out and have fun, but be safe and go home in one piece,” Carlene Maynes, Montgomery County OVI Task Force coordinator said.

“We pick the locations by the types of traffic accidents. If there are fatal OVI accidents in the area, lots of OVI arrests or traffic accidents, then that’s the spot we pick,”Maynes said.

Law enforcement agencies announce the times and locations of checkpoints ahead of time, because it is required by state law.

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