What you’re saying: Should Kings Island require masks when it reopens?

A recent story about a petition seeking to prevent Kings Island from requiring masks when it reopens next month caused a flood of comments from residents on both sides of the issue.

The Facebook post to the story had more than 900 comments, many of them arguing about the validity of requiring masks in general as well.

A local woman is taking on Kings Island’s new policy of requiring all visitors to wear masks.

Posted by Journal-News on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Here’s what a sampling of commentors were saying:

I don't care either way, but I'm curious how a single-use mask is going to stay in place on a roller coaster that reaches speeds of 50+ MPH. Some of the harnesses prevent passengers from reaching their own faces to secure them. Seems to me that 1000s will blow off, littering the park.

Too funny. They're restricting the number of park goers each day. So, this many signing petitions should help with that problem. If anyone thinks Kings Island will be less restrictive than Universal and Disney in Florida, where it's hotter and more humid, who both require masks, they had no idea how liability works. Of course, many people have a lot of time waste these days. So, have at it.

I have asthma. Bad asthma. And I wear a mask just fine. People need to grow ... up and just not go if it's that big of a deal. It's amazing how many babies are in the US. 🙄 Florida is doing it in their parks just fine.

With all these entitled people not going, the lines are gonna be so short! I can't wait to go to Kings Island and I'll happily wear a mask!

I won't be going. I'm not wearing a mask all day in the summer heat. I'm glad they extended our season pass through next year.

I feel bad for everyone in this, Kings Island can't win. They are a HUGE source of revenue for the state. This is going to turn away even more people than they already will given it is reservation only. At the same time of course they wanna keep everyone safe. The whole situation is a disaster for them. With less people coming to the state to come here, the state will lose a lot of money as well. I for one will hope next year is different. Will skip it this year as I assume many others will.

I hope she wins, I don't think any one who doesn't want to wear one should have to, if your scared to go anywhere because people don't wear masks then stay home.

I fully understand that it is their choice on what they want to implement. However, I bought 4 platinum passes with all season dining on each and the all season drink plan on each, so roughly $2k. We won't go because our family is 100% against the masks in any setting. We have a toddler who 100% won't wear it and an autistic 7 yr old who won't. Yes they extended the passes into next year, but who knows what next year is going to bring and the mask requirement could be there for next season. I just want the option to have our money refunded!

This mask crap needs to end. If you personally want to wear one fine but they should never force anyone to wear one. i personally will never wear one.

If they want to include that policy, that is their choice, but season passholders who have already renewed prior to this policy taking effect should be given the option of a refund or extension to next year.

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