Man accused of making more than 1,000 fraudulent returns at Walmarts nationwide

A man was arrested in Arizona on Wednesday and charged with attempting to fraudulently return merchandise totaling $1.3 million at more than 1,000 Walmarts nationwide, KYMA reported.

Thomas Frudaker, 23, was arrested in Yuma, the television station reported. He is accused of two counts of fraudulent schemes, two counts of criminal damage and two counts of theft.

According to the Yuma Police Department, an investigation showed that Frudaker attempted to return a computer to a Walmart in Yuma that he had bought earlier at another Yuma-area Walmart, KYMA reported.

Police officials said they believed that Frudaker removed parts of the computer before attempting to return returning it.

Officials said Frudaker is suspected of more than 1,000 fraudulent transactions at Walmarts over an 18-month period, CNN reported.

Frudaker's bail was set at $40,000 and he was scheduled to appear in court Monday afternoon, KYMA reported.

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