Memorial Day tornadoes: Views from above of Old North Dayton before storm, after storm and today

Sixteen tornadoes smashed through our community on Memorial Day 2019. Since that day, the Dayton Daily News has been on the ground reporting on the devastation and the work of recovery. Now, one year later, we are digging into the obstacles that remain, how the coronavirus pandemic has affected rebuilding and how communities have been changed forever.

2019 SPECIAL PROJECT: Walking the Path of the storm

Beginning Sunday, the Dayton Daily News will carry four days of storm anniversary coverage in print and online. Reporters Chris Stewart and Josh Sweigart, who walked the path of the most devastating tornado last year, have checked again on the pace of recovery and the issues still facing survivors and local jurisdictions.

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Our coverage will include photos and videos revisiting the path of the storm. The video above shows the tempest-tossed Old North Dayton area before the tornado, immediately after and now.

ARCHIVE PHOTOS: Daylight reveals widespread damage from Memorial Day storms

COMING SUNDAY: Reporters visit some of the hardest-hit areas and tell their stories, we track where money allocated for tornado response went and how much is left, how the coronavirus is impacting rebuilding efforts and what resources are available to help survivors.

COMING MONDAY: 'Zombie properties' abandoned by their owners haunt some communities, and the coronavirus deals businesses a second blow.

COMING TUESDAY: Frustrated homeowners still fighting insurance companies, and contractors accused of fraud and theft.

COMING WEDNESDAY: Celebrate our resiliency. Learn how you can help those still struggling and look for a #DaytonStronger rainbow poster.