How George and Barbara Bush stayed married for 73 years: He never said ‘No’ to her

Former President George H.W. Bush was married to his wife, Barbara Bush, for 73 years, throughout his long life and distinguished career in public service.

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They had six children and were together until her death in April. He died Friday night at the age of 94 at his home in Houston.

His son, President George W. Bush, 72, remembered his father and discussed his impact on the Bush family and the world during an interview that aired Sunday on "60 Minutes."

He also discussed the longevity of his parents’ marriage, the longest in presidential history.

"When I talked to your mom last time, she said that he never says 'no' to her," host Nora O'Donnell said.

“Well, that’s why they stayed married for 70 years,” Bush answered. “It’s a true love story. As Mother said, ‘It’s the only man I ever kissed.’”

Bush also told “60 Minutes” that the elder Bush was “a great father.”

“He gave us unconditional love. Some of us tested it, I might add. There was no doubt how much he loved us, which I think is a very important gift that a father can give to his children.

In an Instagram post announcing his father's death, Bush posted a picture of his mother and father, walking arm in arm to a waiting helicopter.

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