Adoptive parents arrested after Oklahoma toddler dies of suspected child abuse, officials say

Credit: Wagoner County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Wagoner County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff's deputies in Wagoner County, Oklahoma, have arrested a Broken Arrow couple after the death of their 3-year-old adopted daughter.

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According to KOKI-TV, Faith Seaman died Nov. 6 after emergency crews responded to a call about an unresponsive toddler at a Broken Arrow home. She was taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead, authorities said.

Officials said they saw no signs of what killed the girl. A medical examiner later determined she had severe injuries on her face and buttocks consistent with child abuse.

After finding the bruises, investigators asked Faith's adoptive parents, Glen and Kelsey Seaman, if Faith had any physical accidents before the 911 call, and they said no, according to an affidavit. They also were asked how they disciplined her, and they both said they did not spank but instead would put her in timeout, authorities said.

The Seamans reportedly adopted Faith in December 2018, but had been caring for her since April 2018. Additionally, they fostered other children over the last few months, authorities said. They had two children under 2 in the home at the time of Faith's death; those children are in DHS custody now, officials said.

During the autopsy, the pathologist found Faith had severe injuries including two broken ribs that were broken in two places each. They also found deep bruising to her internal organs. The examiner said the injuries occurred just prior to her death.

In interviews, the Seamans denied any physical abuse but later admitted that there was a history of hard spankings to Faith, including pulling Faith's pants down and harshly spanking with a belt, documents said. On Nov. 5, Faith was beaten with a bamboo spoon to the point that the spoon broke, authorities said.

The Seamans both said there had been a lot of stress in the home because of money, discipline issues and sleep deprivation, documents said. Kelsey Seaman said that during the beating, she fell on Faith and may have broken her ribs, officials said. No one took her to get medical help. The woman confessed to DHS workers that the beating was the cause of Faith's death, investigators said.

Kelsey Seaman is in custody facing charges of child abuse – murder, child abuse, child neglect and obstructing a peace officer. Glen Seaman faces charges of child neglect, enabling child neglect and obstructing a peace officer.

Glen Seaman bonded out Friday on a $25,000 bail. Kelsey Seaman is being held with no bond.

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